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Overnight Vocabulary is dedicated to helping you build an impressive and educated vocabulary in the shortest amount of time possible.

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If you want to sound more professional at work, speak more articulately in social settings, and write more impressively you have come to the right place. Actively building your vocabulary leads to tremendous benefits.

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  • Be perceived as competent, smart, and educated
  • Garner more respect from friends and coworkers
  • Make a lasting first impression
  • Express yourself more clearly
  • Read faster and have better comprehension
  • Gain greater confidence that people notice


1. Learn The Right Words

Focus on learning fewer, carefully selected words opposed to simply learning the definition of every word in the dictionary. You will get better and quicker results that people will notice.


  • Choose words that make you look intelligent NOT pretentious.


  • Focus on words you can use everyday at work or other social settings.

2. Learn The Right Way

To reap the benefits of an impressive vocabulary you must be able to easily incorporate the new words into your daily communication. Learn and use special techniques and strategies to implement this!


  • Simply learning the definition is NOT enough.


  • After learning the right way, new words should easily come to your mind when speaking.

3. Use An Audio Program

As a child you learned to speak most of the English language through hearing. There is still no better method to build your vocabulary. Plus, you can learn while you drive, workout, do chores or simply relax.


  • You are much more likely to remember and use words you hear than words you read.


  • Repeatedly hearing new words helps you feel more comfortable using them.


Overnight Vocabulary is a downloadable audio vocabulary building program that will teach you impressive yet recognizable and practical words you can use in your everyday communication.

Overnight Vocabulary

Unlike other vocabulary building programs, which are aimed at simply helping you learn new words and their definitions, Overnight Vocabulary uses a unique process specifically designed to help you learn new, advanced words and incorporate them regularly and effortlessly in conversation … in just days. Users are amazed at how easily and quickly they are able to use the new words they have learned.

Most importantly, Overnight Vocabulary focuses only on useful vocabulary words that are essential for success. You will have plenty of opportunities to use every new word you learn!

Product Features

  • 7 hours of listening
  • 300 essential vocabulary words
  • 30 learning sessions
  • 150 page guide book
  • Multiple example sentences
  • Techniques/strategies for word usage
  • Session reviews and audio quizzes

Instant MP3 & PDF Download

  • Download to iPod, iTunes or any player
  • Learn while you drive, exercise, or relax
  • Burn your own cds
  • No waiting - start learning immediately

Product Benefits

  • Attain remarkable results in only 15 minutes (one session) per day.


  • Effortlessly incorporate impressive words into your daily communication.


  • Utilize a more sophisticated vocabulary than 95% of educated adults.


  • Subtly impress your coworkers and friends.


  • Be perceived as confident, smart and educated.


100% Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee!

We are confident that you will be 100% satisfied with Overnight Vocabulary and see immediate results in your ability to use more educated words. If you don't see a drastic improvement in your ability to command a more powerful vocabulary, impress others, and speak and write with more confidence within 90 days, we will give you a full refund – no questions asked!


To learn more about Overnight Vocabulary visit our Customer Reviews and FAQs.

"I now communicate like a professional thanks to Overnight Vocabulary! This is one of the best investments I have made. The program has drastically improved my ability to incorporate impressive words in my speech and writing. I have spent years trying to improve my vocabulary and saw more results in 7 days using the program than I have the last 7 years on my own!"

Richard Price
Irvine, CA

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Overnight Vocabulary Reviews

An Easy Way to Gain a Great Vocabulary

Janice Overton - Aliso Viejo, CA

This vocabulary building program is superb! I found the product easy to download and import into my itunes. I didn’t have a very good vocabulary when I started using it and now I feel like I have a better vocabulary than pretty much anyone I associate with. I mostly listen to it on my ipod while at the gym or driving.

It is virtually impossible to listen to it and not learn a lot of new words. I feel way more confident when speaking at work and writing emails. If you want to sound more professional and educated this is a really easy way to get there.

Full of great, useful vocabulary words

Danny Hansen - Broomfield, CO

Every word in this product is worth learning. I use them all the time in work emails and also in just normal conversation. Being able to learn the words while I drive has been really nice. After just the first couple of cds I felt like I got my money’s worth. I highly recommend it.

Good product, very useful

Anthony E. Rivas - Gaithersburg, MD

This product is just over seven hours of listening and comes with an e-book. Both the audio portion and the e-book are very well done. The instructors in the audio portion give clear and easy to understand definitions of each word as well as a number of practical usage examples. There are 30 sections with 10 words in each section. Every section has review and then an audio quiz that requires you to think of the word after hearing the definition. The introduction (about 30 minutes) provides good tips and techniques on how to implement the new words into your daily communication – a very practical approach.

This format worked well for me and I found it easy to remember and use the words I learned after listening to each section just a couple of times. The words are not too advanced and not too basic – just classic vocabulary words that make a good impression wherever they are used. It is a good product for anyone who wants to ramp up their vocabulary without a terrible amount of time and effort.

A Great Buy

Melanie Middleton - Austin, TX

This is a great program – I am happy that I made the decision to get it. I keep a pretty active blog and was always envious of others who had really descriptive vocabulary words to make posts more interesting. Now, I find myself using at least one word I learned in from the program in every post. The e-book that comes with the program is really good and I actually use it just as much as the audio portion.

Perfect for your car

D. Johannson - Los Angeles, CA

I have been looking for a great use of time during my thirty minute daily commute and found it in Overnight Vocabulary. It makes my drive to and from work fly by and my vocabulary has grown tremendously! There is a female and a male voice to give the words variety and be more memorable. Make sure to listen to the lessons a few times over to make sure you retain all the words. I can honestly say I use at least one of the words from the program every day. This was a wise investment that I highly recommend.

Great Product - A Must for Professionals

Ingrid Perse - Bellingham, WA

I was happy with the program and have already recommended it to a couple of friends who also love it. I feel much more comfortable communicating now in a professional environment and use the words I have learned all the time. The price is reasonable for an educational product from which you get so much benefit. I am kind of low-tech so I would have liked actual cds versus the download (I just ended up burning my own cds which wasn’t too much of a hassle).

The audio portion starts out with a 30 minute introduction which is helpful in providing tips and strategies on how to get the most out of the program. After giving a formal definition, the program boils down the meaning of most of the vocabulary words in to one simple and easy to remember word called a “Word Replacement Tip.” I found this to be extremely effective and it made learning, remembering, and using the new words very easy.

Worth Every Penny!

Bradly Neilson - San Diego, CA

I just graduated from college and started listening to Overnight Vocabulary. I bought one vocabulary program a few years ago and it was pretty useless, but this one is way better and worth the money.

The program has a very logical structure which makes it easy to retain the words you learn. After every lesson of ten words there is a review then a quiz. The example sentences really help to give you an idea of how you would use the word in a normal everyday conversation.

The introduction to the program is good and shares some really useful tips on how to remember every word and incorporate it into your speech. Pretty much every word in the program is useful. I highly recommend it and it was definitely worth the money.

Great language expansion tool

Karl Roberts - Vancouver, WA

I found this program to be very useful. It was well done and organized logically and the verbal quality was good. Getting the files downloaded took some attention because I use Windows Media Player not iTunes, but it wasn’t bad. I liked that when the word had two meanings or was a noun and an adjective, it gave both definitions.

Most words were within the realm of what I would consider using; they are not too erudite (a word I picked up from the OV program). The example sentences are realistic, which has helped me use them more easily. It uses a review and a quiz to help cement the words in your mind. I did find that I had to listen to the same sections more than once to get familiar enough with the words. There were a number of words I already knew, but most of those I didn’t currently use, so hearing them prompted me to try and use them. Overall, I found it to be a great vocabulary building tool!

I wish I had found this 10 years ago!

Mike Branson - Gilbert, AZ

The product is excellent. I can’t believe I went through life not knowing some of these words. I see them used all the time in print and used in the corporate world. It feels good to now be someone who uses them! It took me a while to get through all seven hours because I listened to the first half several times to make sure I was learning every word. I now spend time reviewing the words so they stay fresh in my mind. It is a well thought out program that I am very glad I purchased it. You won’t regret it.

Excellent Vocabulary Builder

Natalie Anderson - Spokane, WA

I am a busy stay at home mom with 6 kids. I only had one year of college before having a family. Because of this I have felt inadequate speaking with people that have had more college experience than me, especially when they used words that I didn’t know. I felt like I didn’t have time for online college courses, so when I found Overnight Vocabulary I was ecstatic.

I was impressed how easy it was to download on my computer and phone. I had all the lessons in a matter of minutes. I listened to the lessons while working out – multi tasking works great. I really like how every word in the program can be used in everyday life.

I had heard and read many of the words in the lessons but didn’t know the meanings of most of them…until now. The online guide book has been very helpful to me because I am a visual learner. It only takes a few minutes to find and review the words you listen to in the guide book.  I now feel confident when speaking to others and am happy with my much improved vocabulary. As my kids get older I am excited to teach them by example and use the words I have learned!

Good For Any Level

Tanya Reese - Grove City, OH

The words in the program are sophisticated, yet recognizable, making it useful for someone who already has a good vocabulary or someone with a more basic one. The guide book that comes with program is very helpful. After listening to a lesson or two you can review the words visually to retain them better. I have used a couple of other vocabulary programs and this is by far the most useful and effective; I am glad I found it.

Best Vocabulary Builder Out There

Justin Stone - Portland, OR

I recently purchased and downloaded the overnight vocabulary program. I have used other vocabulary builders in the past and I must say I was much more impressed with overnight's system. I found the audio program to be very convenient because I could listen to it on the road. I travel and speak at conferences with mental health professionals nationwide and it is important for me to have a clear yet concise and articulate vocabulary. This program helped to quickly learn and understand the words and how to use them.

Previous programs helped me learn words but weren’t that effective – I needed to know what contexts to use the words in and learn in a way that I could do so without too much effort because I have such a busy schedule. I would highly recommend overnight vocabulary, both the audio and the digital book. If they come out with other products I'll be sure to purchase those as well.

A very good product

Bryant B. - Lindon, UT

Overnight Vocabulary has helped open up my world. I now realize that I had been missing so much! I did not completely understand many words in books, on the news, and in conversation.  I am much more cognizant of words now.  I get so much more out of my reading, and have more educated conversations with colleagues.  Overnight Vocabulary's unique approach helped me implement new words into my speech after listening to just the first couple of sections.  It takes common words that you hear and use every day and gives you a more educated word to replace it with…much more brilliant (and effective) than rote memorization. My kids are picking up on it as well, and recently used “exasperated” instead of "pissed off" and "squander" instead of waste. What a difference! 

Just what I was looking for...

Iuri Melo - St. George, UT

My name is Iuri Melo, I'm a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  I'm married with four children, and own a private clinic where I treat a variety of clients on a full time basis.  Time and effectiveness are paramount in my life, and a vocabulary building program had to be exactly that.   As a therapist, my ability to successfully articulate solutions in a concise and precise way means success and future clients.  This program, above all other methods and books, provided me with a simple, effective, and time-conscious way to augment my vocabulary and effectiveness at work.  I had the program in my computer and iPod within minutes... thank you.